Maped Graph’Peps Compact Review


Adult colouring books are great fun and studies show how they can help to relieve stress, but they can also be extrememly hard to colour in those detail areas unless you have a great set of fine point colour pens – enter Maped’s Graph’Peps. Whilst these pens are specifically designed for writing and drawing I wanted to put them to the colouring test. I tested the Compact range which includes 10 bright and fun colours in a handy little box which stands open so that you can easily choose your pen and closes up when you don’t need it to keep them safe. At 0.4mm they are perfect for detailed colouring and I personally loved the choice of colours included in the set. They have a triangular shape which is designed to give you optimal grip, with the only negative point being that I found the pen just started to get uncomfortable to hold as time went on, but as you can see from the picture I had been colouring for quite some time by then and there was no sign of the colour running low which was great. If you are looking for a small set of fine tip colouring pens then these are definitely worth a look. It’s worth mentioning that Maped also offer larger packs not in the Compact box which include up to 20 different colours!


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