LAMY Safari fountain pen review

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LAMY are a popular and respected brand so I was really excited to review the Safari fountain pen. There are quite a few things I love about this pen but lets start at the beginning.. The Safari is a  bestseller and it’s really easy to see why. LAMY work with many renowned designers to create their products and the Safari is designed by Wolfgang Fabian, who along with his team, have won many international prizes for their designs.

I  have used countless fountain pens over the years but there was something about the way this pen writes that just gave it that edge, and thanks to the fine nib my writing looked clearer and more refined which is always a bonus. The pen glides effortlessly making for a smooth writing experience which is also helped by the recessed grip that makes the Safari so easy to hold, and it comes in a variety of fun and bright colours.

If you need any more convincing that this pen is amazing, then I still have to mention the spring mounted metal clip on the top of the pen which is extremely useful, the small windows on each side of the pen showing you how much ink you have left which is genius and the fact that you only need to screw the pen together to snap the ink cartridge in place.

As I said at the start, it is easy to understand how LAMY gained their reputation and equally easy to see why the Safar is a bestseller and I really can’t find anything negative to say about it. If this review has made you want to share in the LAMY love then we have a wide range of pens in stock now so why not pop down and see us.


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