New – Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil

 What is probably the number one annoying feature of mechanical pencils? That they break? Well Zebra have come up with a solution to your lead breaking problem with the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil. What makes this pencil special is it’s dual spring mechanism.  Standard mechanical pencils use one spring and this is why you end up with pesky lead breakage the more you click, but the DelGuard has two springs to support extra pressure. In fact Zebra go so far as to claim that whether you click once, twice or even three times the lead will not break!

If this nifty feature isn’t enough to pursuade you to give it a go then add to that the fact that the lead is guarded by the internal mechanical parts which also prevents clogging. Currently this is the only mechanical pencil on the market with this technology, and we’ve got them new in stock right now! Head on down to us in New Milton and pick one up for just *£5.95.


*Current price on 19/10/16

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