Maped Graph’Mania Review

mania1If you’ve read our other reviews then you will already know that we are big fans of Maped products and these Graph’Mania fineliners are no exception, plus it’s always great to see in a world full of electronic technology, that companies like Maped are still putting so much thought into their pen designs.

So what is Graph’Mania? Well, essentially you are getting a set of Maped’s 0.4mm premium quality fine fineliners with the triangular barrell in a variety of colours with the added bonus of a clip-on ‘mania’ stencil attached. But do you really need stencils? I hear you ask.. well after a few minutes of using them it turns out that yes you do! Why?.. because they are fun, and that really is the selling point here. Even the tagline on the packaging encourages you to enjoy your writing experience, and with 24 different stencils available to collect there is plenty to enjoy.

mania2If your still not convinced then we should add that the Graph’Mania work in the same way as Graph’Peps Duo, where you can clip two pens together creating a double ended pen in the colour combination of your choice, and as a handy bonus the stencils will clip onto your Graph’Peps Duo in the same way!

There are 24 different stencils to collect so you can really use your imagination and personalise your writing. We should note that this review is for a pack of 10 and there were two stencils that were the same. Stencils may vary in different packs.

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