Review – Pilot Pintor

The Pintor marker from Pilot claims to let you express your creativity and comes with many features but just how good is it? We put it to the test to find out for you!

First the facts: The Pintor comes in a range of 24 colours and 4 tip sizes ranging from extra fine to broad. It claims to write on any material and the water based ink can be easily removed or fixed depending on your choice. The ink is opaque meaning that once dry you can overlay colours to create your own shades.

We tested this marker on numerous surfaces including paper, glass and even slate and found that the ink was easily removable, in fact we left it on the slate overnight to really test how removable it was and after a quick wipe with a damp cloth all hint of any ink was removed. It’s worth noting that we tested the Pintor alongside the Uniball Posca and the Pintor was easier to remove the next morning.

As for unleashing your creativity, well we had a little go at some creative drawing on a wine glass, and despite clearly not being the next Picasso it was a lot of fun. Certainly for anyone wanting to create something permanent maybe as a wedding gift for example the Pintor is the perfect choice, just pop your finished glass in the oven and when cool spray with water based varnish and your creation is complete. In fact there are so many different materials to choose from we recommend you checking out Pilot’s own official site for a comprehensive list. PILOT

At New Forest Stationers we curently stock the Pintor in all it’s amazing colours and sizes so why not have a quick look at the video showing you how to use the Pintor and then pop to see us in New Milton or give us a call!

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