We Love – Maped Color’Peps Magic

School holidays are almost upon us, and although we would love to think that the sun will be permanently shining, we know there will be days when being indoors is the only option, and that’s when we think children (and secretly adults) will love these Color’Peps Magic from Maped.

So, what is it that makes these pens magic? Each felt tip pen offers two colour choices, the colour of the lid is the ink colour… but if you use one of the clear magic pens and go over the top of what you have just coloured, it magically changes it to the colour indicated on the pens base! We know that might seem a little tricky to understand so we are including this video from Maped to show you how it works..

Each pack comes with 10 Color’peps Felt tip pens comprising 8 coloured pens and 2 magic pens. These pens are very popular and we have them in stock now so why not come pick up yours today while stocks last!

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