We Love – Maped Pencil Sharpeners

Pencil Sharpeners have always had the ability to be fun, and Maped Helix have gone a step further with their 4 Hole Bee Pencil Sharpener to not only bring the fun aspect but also to create something very handy to.

The clever design of this 4 hole sharpener is what makes it really stand out from the rest. The eyes of the bee are two sharpeners of varying size to allow for smaller or larger pencils. If that wasn’t enough then you can also take either of the antenna and push them into the larger sharpener to make two new sizes! With an easily removable back to allow for emptying and a really fun feel all over, this is one sharpener we just love and we think you will to.

We are including the Maped CROC CROC Rabbit (who’s teeth go up and down when you turn your pencil) and Frog sharpeners in this ‘we love’ because they are a cute addition to your animal collection! All of these sharpeners are in store now so please give us a call or pop in to see us in New Milton to check stock levels.

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