Focus On – Stabilo, Day 1 – Pen 68 Metallic

Welcome to a brand new feature for our blog ‘Focus On’ where we will take a brand and choose three products over three days to showcase great products for you to learn more about. Our first brand is Stabilo and Day 1 is all about the Pen 68 Metallic.

Did you know it was the Pen 68 felt-tip that earned Stabilo its reputation of unbeatable german premium quality as far back as 1966! Since then the range has of course expanded and today we are talking about the Pen 68 Metallic.

The Metallic comes in 8 gorgeous colours including gold, silver, copper, metallic blue, green, light green, violet and pink, and with christmas creeping up on us those gold, copper and silver shades are perfect for creating home-made cards or decorations.

Of course the features don’t stop there so here’s a quick list of what else you are getting with the Pen 68 Metallic

  • Highly visible accents on smooth surfaces such as foil, metal and paper (and smudge proof on these surfaces after a short drying time)
  • Water-based and odourless Ink
  • Premium pigments in the ink and high light resistance for a longer lasting brilliance
  • Works on white or coloured paper and cardboard

Being creative is such a great way to express yourself and can be fun for adults and children alike, so, wether you are a budding artist or you just feel like getting creative then we believe the Pen 68 Metallic is the perfect addition to your collection.

At New Forest Stationers we stock all of the products featured in our Focus On sections so please give us a call or pop to see us in New Milton to find out more.

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