Focus On – Stabilo, Bonus – CarbOthello

Sometimes there are just to many amazing products to stick to three, and since we are still within our last Focus On – Stabilo day we are bringing you bonus content featuring the Stabilo CarbOthello.

The CarbOthello is a chalk-pastel coloured pencil perfect for artists, students or anyone feeling creative. Loved by many, there are so many features to this pastel pencil so lets get right into it!


The CarbOthello can be dry-blended or smudged by finger or by blending stump, it is also partially aquarellable (meaning water-soluble) so if you add a touch of water to your pastel it will create a smooth blend effect.


Have you ever wondered what the star rating is on the barrell of a CarbOthello pastel? Well it’s actually a lightfast rating and differs between shades. Lightfastness basically means how resistant to fading from natural light that particular shade is. The ratings go from 0* which is poor right up to 5* which is the best and most resistant, with a high percentage of CarbOthello pastel pencils being 5*.


The CarbOthello is available in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48 and the largest 60 (the 48 and 60 sets come with there own pencil sharpener and eraser), with a choice of metal container or a very special wooden case of 60 which is the perfect choice for a gift and a great way to show them off.

In case we left anything out here’s a quick rundown and recap:

  • A Charcoal-like feel
  • Available in 60, yes 60 shades in various ranges
  • Highly Pigmented Colours
  • 4.4mm diameter lead
  • Can be used both dry and wet
  • Can be blended and smudged
  • Has a lightfastness rating on the barrel of each pastel pencil
  • Great results on dark backgrounds/specialist paper
  • White pencil can be used to create highlights

The CarbOthello is not just a pastel pencil, it’s a work of art in itself and if you want to see some of the incredible work talented artists have achieved using it then we recomend visiting Stabilo’s Instagram page. If you want to share your own just use the hashtag #my stabilo, and maybe you will be featured on there page.

At New Forest Stationers we stock all of the products featured in our Focus On sections so please give us a call or pop to see us in New Milton to find out more.

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