Focus On – Stabilo, Day 3 – Point 88

It’s Day 3 of our Focus On – Stabilo, and we had to include a firm favourite and currently Europe’s No1 Fineliner. The Stabilo Point 88 is instantly recognisable and loved by so many around the globe, in fact according to Stabilo’s own site over 3 billion have been sold since it’s release in 1977 and it’s easy to see why.

Available in 47 vibrant colours which includes 6 neon shades, the Point 88 has a line width of just 0.4mm making it perfect for precision writing or drawing, intricate detail work and stencil using among other things. Of course as you would expect from Stabilo, the Point 88 has fantastic build quality and the robust metal enclosed tip means this fineliner is built to last.

If there’s one thing that can be really annoying it’s the smudge you get when using a ruler with some pens, well that won’t happen here. The point 88 won’t leave any of those nasty smears or smudges when using a ruler, also it has a long cap-off time so no need to panic if you forget to replace the cap – talking of caps, you can very handily attach the cap to the end of the fineliner while using it so no more lost caps!

The popularity of the Point 88 isn’t surprising when you consider it’s the perfect companion whatever setting you are in – home, office, school, college, university – the amount of colours and uses combined with the quality and durability make it pretty clear why it’s the current No1!

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