Focus On – Maped Helix, Day 2 Color’ Peps Glitter

It’s day 2 of our Focus On – Maped Helix and today we bring you another Maped Color’ Pep product this time it’s the turn of the Glitter pen.

We told you all about the benefits of colouring on our last Maped post – if you haven’t seen it click HERE – , so you already know that it can not only be fun for children but also a stress relief for adults to, and the Color’ pep glitter felt-tip pen will add a little bit of sparkle to your pictures.

Part of the Maped mini-artists collection the Color’ Pep Glitter comes in 8 high density sparkly glitter colours that are great for getting creative with cards or invitations.

Some people may expect more of a glitter effect from these pens given the product name. On testing all colours the effect is more of a shimmer especially when you tilt the paper, rather than a strong glitter effect. Below is a quick video from Maped to show you.

At New Forest Stationers we stock all of the products featured in our Focus On sections so please give us a call or pop to see us in New Milton to find out more.

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