New In – Clicksafe

Contactless cards and payments have become even more popular in the last few years, and protecting those cards is important, which is why we think you will love this new product CLICKSAFE.

The Technology

So how does the Clicksafe protect your contactless cards? It’s all possible thanks to the aluminium safe which holds your cards. The safe itself is RFID safe. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and the aluminium safe protects against other devices from picking up the data from your card.

The Design

The Clicksafe has a unique trigger mechanism, and one quick click on the side of the safe gives you access to your cards as they pop up, and when your finished simply put the card back into the safe and click it closed. Each container holds up to 8 cards.

The Clicksafe purse also comes with a handy coin compartment and extra space for notes and a seperate card slot, and stays firmly secure with a popper fastening. There are many colour options, we reviewed the Blue coin purse with black safe, and you also have the choice of both genuine leather or immitation leather as a bonus.

We think you will love this product as much as we do and it’s the perfect christmas gift. The Clicksafe is now available in store so give us a call or pop to see us in New Milton while stocks last.

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