Review – Pentel Mattehop

As a popular brand, Pentel have been producing well loved writing products for over half a century, and we were really excited to get our hands on, and review, the Pentel Mattehop Gel Pen.

So, what is a gel pen? First created in the 1980’s, It is similar in looks to a ballpoint pen, however the pigment in the ink is suspended in a water based gel, The gel is thicker than the typical ink in a ballpoint or felt tip pen leading to a bolder, smooth experience and vivid colours on many surfaces.

Pentel Mattehop

Now that we’ve explained a little about the gel pen itself, lets look closer at the Pentel Mattehop. Available in 8 vibrant colours we tested the Violet, Pink and Green, and all three shades were as bright and bold as expected with the Pink standing out that little bit more. The high opacity ink dries with a matte finish and when you use the pens on a shinier surface you really get to see the plastic-look.

The lightweight Mattehop moved smoothly across all surfaces we tested and very little pressure was needed.

The Smudge Test

With many pens, and certainly with gel pens, you may be worried about smudging, so we tested this to on many different paper types. Pentel claim the Mattehop is suitable for use on photographic paper and when put to the test we were amazed how quickly the ink dried with zero smudging within seconds. The pens were also tested on a variety of notepads which took a few seconds longer than the photographic paper but still certainly impressive.

The Details

We’ve hopefully given you plenty to make you love the Mattehop but in case you need more convincing here is a quick feature rundown and a short video clip from Pentel:

  • Available in 8 Vibrant Colours including: Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green and Violet
  • 1.0mm tip, approx 0.5mm line width
  • Works well on Photographic paper
  • High Opacity Ink
  • Matte Finish
  • Perfect for drawing and colouring

We currently have stock of the Pentel Mattehop in all colours, at the time of writing. Just pop in to see us at New Forest Stationers or give us a call for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

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